Typical and traditional desserts or sweets from Spain

One of the things for which Spain is internationally recognized is its gastronomy. There is no doubt that there are many lovers of traditional Spanish food. Whether paella, cocido, tortilla or salmorejo, Spanish food is respected and loved around the world freeze dried candy online.

Of course, desserts are also included in this love for Spanish food. In this country we have a large number of typical desserts depending on the region where we are, with great differences between them.

Today we bring you a compilation of our best typical desserts from Spain, in case you dare to try these delicacies. They are sweets so delicious that you will have to try them all.

Do you want to learn how to prepare homemade churros ? There is not a corner of Spain where traditional churros or porras are not made . From North to South of the peninsula, churros are always a welcome resource, for breakfast or a snack accompanied by a good hot chocolate or simply a coffee with milk.

Pestiños with honey or sugar
How to make honey or sugar pestiños . I continue to explore the gastronomic repertoire of our country, discovering recipes for incredible desserts that have been in our kitchens for hundreds of years. This is the case of pestiños.

Milk toast
How to make milk torrijas . Among the most traditional dessert recipes in Spain, bread torrijas could not be missing. A recipe just like I usually prepare at home since I was little, made just as my mother taught me. With just one variation, the type of bread. In my house, as in almost all of them, this was a recycling dessert and the bread from previous days was reused. In Galicia they eat the loaf of Galician bread that is a little thicker than the usual one in Madrid, they call it torradas.

Roscón de Reyes
How to make a roscón de Reyes at home in a traditional and easy way. Among the Christmas recipes, I don’t think there is any as traditional in my house as the Roscón de Reyes ( Rosca or rosco de Reyes ). I’ve been perfecting it since mid-November, so imagine how my house smells every weekend.

Mallorcan Rubiols
These Mallorcan Rubiols are a typical dessert in Mallorca during Holy Week. Simple enough to say the least and with a very delicate flavor, Rubiols are a perfect snack to accompany mid-afternoon coffee, infusion or any other drink of your choice.

Panetes de Jaén
Jaén panetes are one of those sweets that cannot be found in pastry shops. They are purely homemade and their secret is jealously guarded. It is a very easy sweet to make and its ingredients are humble, economical and basic: bread crumbs, egg, sugar, orange, anise and oil. Only with this you will have some delicious sweets.

Malaga drunks
This recipe for Malaga drunks is a true fantasy for the senses. A typical sweet from Malaga during Holy Week that we can find in pastry shops from the beginning of Lent. They are usually filled with sweet potato cream or angel hair, and although it takes a little work, we assure you that it is worth it.

Papajotes are one of the most famous and traditional sweets of Jaén . They are fried dough balls that will remind us of fritters. Of course, the secret to the success of this sweet is the extra virgin olive oil. It is one of those traditional desserts that is made with simple ingredients and is delicious.

Pionons of Santa Fé
The piononos of Santa Fé are one of the most recognized sweets of this Granada town. They were created by a pastry chef named Ceferino Isla who, as he was very devout, named them pio nonos in honor of Pope Pius IX. These rolled biscuits, soaked in syrup and filled with pastry yolk, are a perfect delight for any occasion.

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