How to print your design on a t-shirt?
Have you noticed the design of your favorite t-shirt? And have you asked yourself how to print your design on a t-shirt? Is it original or have you noticed that there are similar designs in most of them? If your answer is “yes,” you’ve probably realized that you can print fun images on t-shirts. It is easy to imagine the variety of clothes with funny, sarcastic, sexy or other designs screen printing portland. The question remains what kind of designs can be printed on t-shirts.

Whenever you design something, you ask yourself a question: “How should I design this?” There are two possibilities. First, you can design it yourself and then sell it. This is probably the most common option, because many people are good at designing things. Most of us are also good at designing things and believe our skills are transferable.

The second possibility is to buy something original, that is, hire a designer who is an expert in the field of creating specialized designs for t-shirts. Not many t-shirt printing companies have this service, we are one of those that do have the same.

What is important to mention is that each design you buy gives you the opportunity to have the copyright, this so that you do not have any legal problem to be able to use this design on merchandise or wherever you like, that is, printed on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, tote bag and more. But it will be expensive, and the store will then have the rights to the design. A design is a copyright and many times copyright is complicated. When you buy a t-shirt, for example, you don’t usually see a copyright notice, but the copyright is still there.

Therefore, we recommend that whenever you are going to start a t-shirt brand with your own designs, you seek to have the rights to them since this can cause long-term problems for you and also for the person who prints your designs.

In conclusion, how to print your design on a t-shirt? We advise you to first have your design in vectors, that is, in high quality, and then look for a screen printing workshop that can help you print your designs on different products. Do not base yourself on the price because, as they say, cheap is expensive. It is best to find an affordable price that helps you generate profits when selling your merchandise to your customers.

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