Customized Charter Flights and Private Flights

Our private flights adjust to the time, destination and protocol requirements requested by our clients. Indeed, charter flights on private jets provide great benefits and cover a wide range of possibilities, they are perfect for business trips, sports teams, companies and government institutions, and for the entertainment industry on tours or special presentations. They are even advantageous for individuals or families who want to try an option other than commercial airlines for vacations, attending concerts or large cultural and sporting events خرید بلیط هواپیا.

Efficiency and Punctuality
Fly efficiently and smartly and fit your trip to your own itinerary.

South American Jets’ private flight service allows you to save time on immigration procedures, waiting times for check-in or baggage claim. Arrive at the airport 20 minutes before takeoff and stay away from crowds.

Do you need a business flight? Keep it simple, tell us your itinerary, attend meetings or visit several sites in the same day and optimize your time.

Luxury and Comfort
When you travel with South American Jets we guarantee you the best private flight experience.

Get to the aircraft through private terminals at airports, thus maintaining your security and privacy.

Choose the private plane that suits your needs, and enjoy an exclusive space, where you can rest in comfortable seats made and prepared with the passenger’s comfort in mind.

Enjoy exclusive catering while flying in our private jets: meals, snacks or desserts, everything you want will be at your fingertips.

Travel to more destinations and fly safely with South American Jets.

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