4 Tips to gain more followers on Facebook and Instagram

At the end of last year, an aunt recommended that I participate in a contest for a skirt parade, which would be through “likes.” Even though I’m usually on the side of those who create the contests and not so much of those who participate, the prizes excited me and I decided to sign up website.

Just a few hours after starting the contest, while I was writing to ask for support from all my WhatsApp contacts, Facebook, family, friends in Panama and abroad, I felt a déjà vu to my beginnings with “Lizzie Photography and the search for more followers on Facebook” (sounds like a Harry Potter title to me hehe).

However, one of the things that most attracts the attention of many is the number of followers I have, although it was not always like that. Likes do not arrive by magic, nor do they fall from the sky and that is why you have to look for them personally, even more so when you do not have the budget to invest in digital advertising.

This is precisely one of the things that entrepreneurs look for most when they are starting: get more followers on Facebook and Instagram, among other social networks.

Before I start giving you some brief recommendations on how to get more followers on Facebook and Instagram, I must clarify something VERY important: the number of followers/likes that a business account has does not determine its success.

I used many of the things I will share with you below in my business and it made me get 1000 followers in less than a month of launching my Facebook page (without paid advertising). It was a huge accomplishment, considering my photos looked nothing like the ones I’m posting today.

1. Ask them to follow you: It sounds quite logical, but this is something that many do not do. It’s not about putting up several signs saying “follow me on my Facebook or Instagram account” but asking for it personally. It takes considerable time but is super effective in getting more followers on Facebook and Instagram (it was what gave me the most results in my beginnings).

As an example and if you have not done so yet, I invite you to follow me on my Facebook and Instagram (you saw how simple it is).

2. Show activity: try to publish content, at least once a day or twice if possible and at different times. There is always something to share, it is up to you to discover that something interesting from your day or create it.

3. Tag: never underestimate the power of tagging your customers in your posts to get more followers on Facebook and Instagram. From leaving a positive comment about their experience, reposting the photo on Instagram, or having it published on their personal Facebook with a link to your page, these are ways to attract more people to see your work.

4. Use of hashtags: do not abuse them. It is important that the hashtags you use try to attract your potential customers and not ghost Instagram followers. If they are too well known, it is very likely that your advertising will be easily lost.

If you want to see results from these tips to get more followers on social networks, I invite you to challenge yourself to get an “x” amount of new, quality followers, between now and next Monday (ghost accounts do not count). I recommend you focus on a single social network and don’t forget to write the number where you started.

Finally, I want to share with you that not only was I able to parade in the float of the Panamanian Tourism Authority, but I also won first place, thanks to the great support I received, for which I am VERY grateful and happy. Like everything in life, it was not easy, but every effort has its reward in the end. If possible!

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