10 tips to optimize your YouTube channel and attract more followers

Without good videos you will have high bounce rates.
Before telling you some tips to optimize your YouTube channel, I want you to see who you can learn from to gain subscribers website. You have to see what the YouTubers with the most subscribers do.

Whatever your sector, if you have an audience outside of YouTube, you will surely have a chance of having subscribers. Do you want to know how? Here we will tell you, so pay attention.

Tips to optimize your YouTube channel and put into practice
Show your face on your channel. Be yourself, just an ordinary person wanting to share interesting things.
Customize the look and feel of your channel. If someone new visits your channel and sees your default YouTube look and feel, they’ll think you’re not putting in the effort to customize it
Regularly post new videos. It is essential that from the outset there is initial content of 5 to 10 videos. Then you must commit to publishing at least two a month.
Encourage participation in your videos. Ask people to leave you a comment, to ‘like’ the video if they thought it was good. Respond to all comments and try to moderate conversations if necessary.
Use the annotations. If you are thinking about developing a video series, it would be interesting if at the end of each one you put an annotation in which you can integrate a link to another of your videos on YouTube.
Social networks. YouTube allows you to spread yourself on social networks from the video uploader itself.
Your blog, source of reproductions. It may seem obvious, but don’t forget to place the videos you record on YouTube on your blog.
Use YouTube analytics to increase views on your channel. It is advisable to analyze your statistics because you will be able to see the traffic that is generated thanks to the YouTube search and the videos that give you the best results.

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