What is a USB Flash Drive?

How can technology support your marketing?

It seems every time you attempt to keep up with technology something new is released! Here at Duplic8 Ltd we aim to keep in front of the latest technology and offer our customers the latest products and services. One of the biggest marketing products of 2007/2008 has been the Custom USB Flash Drive. Thanks to its small physical size and impressive storage capacity this product continues to support many marketing campaigns…

So what are USB Flash Drives?

We can divide this product into two main parts, the ‘USB’ connector, and the ‘Flash Drive’. The abbreviation ‘USB’ stands for ‘Universal Serial Bus’, basically; it’s the plug that connects the product to your computer or laptop! Most modern PC’s and laptops will have between two and five USB ports, these are the holes to connect the product, normally in the front or back of PC’s and sometimes the side of laptops. The ‘Flash Drive’ refers to the memory chip that stores the data inside the product. It refers to the word ‘flash’ because ‘flash memory’ is the type of chip used within the drive. Flash memory chips are compact and ideal for small products like MP3 players such as small Ipods.

What can I do with a Branded USB Flash Drive?

USB Flash Drives have different storage capacities ranging from 16Mb through to 32Gb, which is 32,000Mb! Depending which capacity you have, you can store many different files such as documents and music through to backups of your company accounts. USB Drives normally have a keyring so you can attach them to your keys and never be without important storage space.storage units

Using Custom USB Flash Drives for promotional marketing…

USB Drives can be customised, either by shape, or just simply having your company corporate logo and contact details printed on either side. They make a great corporate gift or give-away as people actually use them! We can even pre-load company presentations to each drive so your customers are constantly reminded of your products and services. Our range of USB drives includes Plastic, Metal, Leather and custom shapes. We offer a full range of packaging so your drives are well presented when giving to existing and potential customers. Bulk orders range from 50 units through to many thousands, also popular with schools, colleges and universities.

NEW, more uses for USB drives…

Another exciting development for USB drives includes the idea to distribute music releases. Universal Music is one record company starting to release singles on USB memory sticks. EMI also plan to release Pink Floyd’s studio albums on the format.

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