The Myth of the Vacation Club

People are often put off by vacation club myths. By believing these myths, they short changed themselves of luxurious vacation at a cheap price. Find out what are the facts hen Do.

If you are like so many Americans, you have probably held off on joining a vacation club because you have heard some things that you thought were based in fact. The information in this article may help you to re-evaluate your thoughts about a vacation club.

1. You can only get a good vacation if you book a year in advance.

There was a time when this was true at some type of vacation clubs. It is no longer the case, however. In the past, it was difficult to schedule a nice vacation at some of the vacation club locations unless you booked far in advance, but this is no longer the case, providing you have done your research well and found a vacation club that allows for your spontaneous needs. You don’t have to book for your vacation so far ahead.

2. You still have to pay huge airfares.

Here’s an “urban legend” that did get founded in real truth. However, today’s vacation club industry is so competitive that they are “forced” to include best air fare or any specials that they can find to keep their members happy. They’ve joined up with many online ticket sites to provide the most in depth searches and the best flights available for their members.

3.You will more than likely never be able to get the advertised vacation club special.

Again, there were times in the past, and possibly still even today, where you may find a vacation club that was not able to provide a particular advertised special to all their club members. However, if you have located an exceptional vacation club to join, you will find that situation simply doesn’t come up at all any more.

4. The fees to join the vacation club are so high, there is no real savings.

False. Providing you use your vacation club. Don’t just buy into the vacation club and then leave it to sit there, unused and unutilized by you and your family! That would cost you some extra money! Use your vacation club membership to claim great savings and luxurious vacations which you are entitled!

5. The vacation club will not help you plan your trip.

This may be true with some vacation clubs, so check the program carefully before you join. A good vacation club is going to have excellent choices in hotels, vacations, and an excellent staff to help take care of all your planning needs. Pick up the phone and call the customer service to find out what they can do for you.

6. You cannot get a good trip through the vacation club on short notice.

There was a time when this too had truth. But these days, that is a very rare situation and if you are looking for a decent vacation club to join and they are not offering short notice services and vacations for their members then look for one that does. Unless you do not require short notice options as a part of your vacation club plan.

7. You cannot get any good vacations through the vacation club during peak holiday and summer seasons.

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