The Basics of Facebook

Facebook is the largest social networking site and it is estimated that it has over 500,000,000 users across the world. The number keeps on growing because old friends, co-workers, former classmates, politicians, celebrities and generally everyone else wants to connect and chat with his of her friends and buddies over the internet. Ideally, if you are not on Facebook, then you are not on the internet. The good news about Facebook is that it is totally and entirely free and you can use it as much and in the way you want, provided you do not violate the terms and conditions.

How Face Book works

To join Facebook, you should visit the Facebook official website You are then allowed to create your own account in which you provide details the way you want. You can put in a profile picture and approved information about your education and/or workplace. You are allowed to make proper adjustments of the settings to regulate who can access and who cannot access information about your status.

You are allowed to search for friends by entering their names or email accounts at the Facebook ‘search friends’ space. Facebook also suggests friends to you and it does that by comparing the mutual friends of your friends. It can also suggest friends based on your place of work and the education institutions that you attended.  If you find a friend who is known to you on Facebook, then you have to send a friend request. If that other Facebook user confirms you as friend, then you both become friends to each other and you can now access each other’s profile. You will also be notified of the postings and comments by friends on Face Book.

The maximum number of friends you can have on Facebook is limited to 5,000. This figure is small for public figures and businesses. If you think that your friends number more than 5,000, you should create a fan page. The fan page has no limit on the number of friends; your fans will just click ‘like’ and they will be able to read and comment on your posts and comments.

There has been some concern over privacy on Facebook, but the administrators of this social networking site have responded positively by saying that there are enhanced features that allow you to control who can access and view your profile. Another concern of Facebook is being tagged by your friends in photos that you do not like, but you can very easily untag yourself if that happens.

Internet marketers have also made a lot of money by using Facebook Buy France Facebook Comments. Unlike most other social networking sites, Facebook does not limit the placing of ads. You can place ads of your clients or of your products and get paid for doing so.  Facebook ads have become very popular, because it is very easy to create an advert on this social networking site.

You just need to click “Create an Ad” which is usually placed at the right hand side of your page and then fill in some information. The title should not exceed 25 characters and the ad should not exceed 135 characters – and you may optionally add an image. This way you can make a lot of money easily from your home.

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