Stairlifts for wheelchairs

The Stairlifts for wheelchairs are one of the main solutions to facilitate accessibility in all types of buildings, homes or commercial premises.

The stair climbers allow saving from a few steps to several floors high, currently the main types are the stair lift platforms, the vertical stair climbers or short-haul elevators and the stair-climbing caterpillars.

Types of wheelchair lifts

Among the three types of wheelchair lifts, the platforms are undoubtedly the most used, its great versatility and adaptation to any type of staircase, along with the no need to carry out works or reforms for its installation are, without a doubt , some of its main advantages.

The stair lift platforms use a guidance system, installed in a fixed way, which follows the path and shape of the staircase, is a valid solution to save a single flight of stairs as well as several connected by balanced landings or steps, the stair climbers for chairs have of the possibility of installing both inside and outside of buildings or homes, existing models specially adapted for it.

In order for a platform to transport a person in a wheelchair, it will be necessary for the stairway to have a minimum width that varies between the meter and the meter by fifteen centimeters, depending on the manufacturer and model.

Another of the available options in terms of stair climbers for people in wheelchairs are vertical stair climbers , also known as vertical short-haul elevators , which, unlike platforms, are installed in a hollow outside the staircase intended exclusively for the elevator.

This solution is used to save small slopes of up to a maximum of three meters in height, surely you have seen them on occasion especially at the entrance of some shops or residential building, although increasingly also installed in single-family homes.

It emphasizes its open cabin, which is normally glazed, and the simplicity of its handling, very similar to that of the elevators.

Unlike platforms and vertical stair lifts, stair climbing caterpillars are a mobile solution that adapts to virtually all wheelchairs and allows, with the help of a third person, up and down the stairs, without a doubt, the main Advantage of these elevators is that you can save it once its use is finished or even, in some models, transport it to other locations.

Advantages of Stairlifts for people with disabilities

Saving stairs or accessing different levels is practically impossible for people in wheelchairs if adequate accessibility is not available, the installation of a stair lift solution is one of the alternatives to make buildings, premises or homes accessible.

Other possible options would be the construction of a ramp or the installation of an elevator , but these are not always possible, either because they are technically unfeasible or because of a high degree of necessary reform, which directly leads to a very high cost.

The stair climbers for people with disabilities offer a better quality of life for those people who move in a wheelchair, allowing to overcome in a simple and comfortable way practically any type of ladder or unevenness.

Subsidies that we can request

Although unfortunately not always available to access them, it is sometimes possible to have grants or assistance for the purchase of a stair lift for people in wheelchairs.

The grants are limited and the calls remain open for a certain period of time or even, in some, are only available until the money spent is exhausted.

These subsidies are promoted by municipalities, autonomous communities or even in some cases at the state level, some examples of this type of aid and subsidies can be the social assistance program for people with disabilities or the rehabilitation plans which include subsidies for the installation of devices to improve accessibility , such as the MAD-RE plan in the community of Madrid or the one promoted by the housing consortium in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona.

If you are interested in knowing if there is any current grant or aid and its conditions, it is advisable that you address yourself in the first instance to the social services of the local council of your locality.

Rent of stair-climbers caterpillars

As we have mentioned, the stair climbing caterpillars are a mobile system , which can be transported to different locations with some ease, currently in some provinces, there is the possibility of renting this type of stair lift for a period of time that can vary between only one day up to several months.

There is also the possibility of renting the service to raise or lower the person in a wheelchair , with the acquisition of bonds or the contracting of unique services. This service is carried out by personnel specialized in the handling of stair climbing tracks.

What is the maintenance required?

One issue that worries when it comes to acquiring a stair lift for wheelchairs is its maintenance .

The first thing you should know is that the maintenance of this type of elevators is not currently mandatory , although like any machine and taking into account the use to which it is intended, it is advisable to carry out periodic reviews by a specialized company.