5 Tips to Avoid Foot Injuries

Can there be a more uncomfortable place to have a wound than the feet? Or, more specifically, the sole of the foot. It is difficult for me to visualize another. Each step a pain, a sting, a moan. And if it is not in the plant, but in another part, in summer you can still abuse the flip-flops, but, and in winter, with those shoes that rub, the seams of the socks, the trickle that is released. Nothing, nothing, the best thing is not to have them, it will be necessary to take measures to avoid wounds on the feet (pomada para unha encravada).

And the runners. They are one of your biggest fears. The blisters can throw over a month and month’s preparation. You have to take maximum care.

Hot water, vinegar and salt

Maybe someone does not like to put their feet in such a concoction, but they will have to make an effort because it serves so that the dreaded blisters do not come out. The water has to be quite hot; it costs a little to introduce the foot at the beginning.


Moisturizing cream on edges and seams of the shoe. Mainly if these are made of some hard material. One of the best tricks to avoid foot injuries.


Very common in the world of racing, especially long distance. Few marathon runners, at least popular, should not give a little vaseline in the heel and between the fingers. A wound at kilometer 30 can prevent you from reaching, even if you have legs left over. And the best thing is not only to put it on your feet, but also on your nipples.


I admit that I have not tried this, but there are many people who say it is good advice to avoid foot injuries. It applies to the part of the shoe that is tighter, that is, the part that bothers. You have to fill a bag -from the ones to pack food- with water up to half. Put the shoes in such a way that the narrow part is in the part with water and then in the freezer. When the water freezes it will cause the shoe to increase in size.

Diary paper

The last of the tips to avoid injuries to the feet is a mixture of two. First you have to give a little moisturizer in the part that bothers the shoe , then put balls of newspaper lightly moistened, as many as possible, that does not enter or air, and leave it a couple of days .