It will always be convenient to have a well-educated pet, accustomed to following positive hygiene and behavior habits. However, getting to this point is not easy, since it is necessary to follow certain training techniques that will require the use of specialized materials. These are useful products to correctly carry out training exercises with our dog. We will comment more on this in the rest of the following note Dog trainers Houston tx.

For example, a collar and leash are essential tools for dog training. The best models of these products will be recommended to us by the veterinarian or the trainer according to the characteristics of our dog.

In addition to control materials, it is also necessary to have toys and rewards to reward the animal if it complies with what has been requested. And although there are several types of dog toys, it is best to use one that our pet can easily distinguish, an object that the dog can easily find in its familiar environment. In this sense, it is important that, if the dog uses an old cushion to play with, the animal can generalize and not easily differentiate a used cushion, his favorite toy, from a new one.

In addition to the above, training a puppy requires, in addition to the aforementioned control material, perseverance, patience and a lot of affection. We should not make the mistake of postponing training too much or acting too soon, since that would not be very positive for our pet.

Exercises focused on cultivating grooming habits in the dog can be carried out from the first day we bring the dog home. By being persistent, it is possible to instill the best grooming habits in our pet in two weeks or a month. Sometimes it is necessary to have a few more days for this.

Generally, the puppy will feel like going to the bathroom a few minutes after eating. As far as possible, the dog should be taken out of the house at that time. Until the dog is six months old, it may be necessary to take the dog for a walk about five times a day. Later those outings will be reduced to only three occasions.

In this type of outing it is very possible that the dog exhibits a preference for going to places that have been used by other dogs. If you act like this, it is advisable to take the dog to those places so that he relates the intention of relieving himself as soon as he arrives at his favorite places. When the puppy has relieved himself, you should praise him repeatedly and enter the house with him again. It is a way for the animal to identify the purpose of the outing.

It is always nice to have a properly trained dog. It is best to start training exercises when the dog is still very young . That way, when the dog reaches adulthood, he will have perfectly assimilated the rules that you have taught him.

If the dog has a comfortable place to be, there is a lower probability that he will want to occupy a place that does not belong to him, all to be with us. In these cases, it will be enough to firmly exclaim “no” in addition to clapping your hands to make the dog see his mistake. It is advisable to insist on these points so that the puppy learns quickly and knows when he has made a mistake.

To prevent the dog from getting on the couches in the living room, it is advisable to use sprays with dog repellent. These are useful products to keep dogs away from furniture that is prohibited for them. They are liquids that have an unpleasant smell for dogs, but not for humans, and they are harmless when sprayed on furniture upholstery.

If we find our dog biting any other object other than the one or those that he is allowed to chew, we must immediately show him our disapproval by pronouncing “no” in a firm voice and removing the object that he is not allowed to chew . On the other hand, when he bites his toys it is advisable to praise him and pet him a lot. Of course, the other members of the family must be asked to proceed in the same way so that the training in this facet is also successful.

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