How to be a lawyer: what to study and what is needed?

How to be a lawyer is one of the big questions you are probably asking yourself. A career in law is one of the interesting training options that we find today for all those interested in accessing a profession in high demand in society Law Tutor.

How to be a good lawyer is, without a doubt, the goal that has been proposed by those who feel a special predilection for contributing with their work to ensuring that established laws are complied with and “justice is done.” Would you like to work in this necessary and exciting profession in the future?

In case you are still considering whether you see yourself as a lawyer in the future, you should know that the law career continues to be one of those with the most professional opportunities. Devoting yourself to Law and the Legal Profession implies being able to access a wide variety of job options in institutions and companies, both in the private and public sectors. This is why lawyers continue to be profiles in high demand by society at a national and international level. Hence, many students choose to work as lawyers in the future. We will all have to turn to a lawyer at some point in our lives for some procedure.

What to study to be a lawyer
Would you like to study law ? If you study a degree in Law , for 4 academic years you will have the opportunity to learn all the necessary knowledge and skills that allow you to learn the keys to being a good lawyer.

Likewise, once you graduate in Law, the next academic step that you will have to take is the one that guides you towards obtaining the qualification to practice as a lawyer, that is, you will have to take the Master of Access to the Legal Profession . With this degree under your belt, you will finally be able to practice the profession you are passionate about; accessing a profession with a multitude of professional opportunities, which are duly reported in this other blog.

Among other aspects, thanks to this official UAX master’s degree for access to the legal profession (90 ETCS), students are prepared to successfully pass the national evaluation test for access to the Legal Profession, established in RD 150/2014. In addition, those who complete it acquire the professional skills to work in competitive and changing environments. As it could not be less, with the master’s degree you have access to carrying out an external internship period (30 ECTS) in the best law firms, to facilitate the job placement of graduates.

Currently, it is possible to take the degree in law in person, online and blended. Today more than ever, we can adapt our university studies to our real needs, choosing the way in which we are going to study the degree. Therefore, we can even make our studies compatible with work, if we study law remotely .

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