Building Block Construction and Child Development

You can turn your little one into a future engineer with a few simple toys. Learn how to get your kids interested in construction.

Many parents dream of their little ones growing up to be the next big architect, engineer, or developer. This is often found among the list of general professions of artist, doctor, and lawyer. Despite what your little one becomes, there’s nothing better for physical, dynamic, and motor skill development than construction toys executive functioning skills.

Many companies have developed various levels of toys and trinkets that help children create various constructions. Some of these include Lincoln logs, Lego sets, model plane and car sets, metal constructive sets, and more. Even characters like Bob the Builder have helped bring little ones’ interests into the construction world.

The Lego Company has prided itself on child development as it has created a universe of interchangeable plastic parts for kids of all ages. These blocks can snap on and snap off, connect to wheels and attached small characters to platforms and other vehicles. The more Lego pieces one has, the more that one can build. It’s an excellent business model from a company that has been a cornerstone for the creative development in children.

Other toys such as simple wooden blocks, Lincoln logs, and metal kits for older children have helped many enjoy various levels of simple to complex construction challenges. As children love to construct things from sand castles to living room forts, these simple toys further their development by challenging them to understand the fundamentals of whatever their minds can come up with. For homes, children must figure out how to piece together foundations, walls and roofs. For automobiles or moving crafts, they must figure out how to incorporate wheels, axels and bodywork together.

Other companies have developed more complex models for children to attempt. Companies like Uberstix, Trio, PlayMobil, Erektor, and Quadrilla have pushed further, creating castles and towers that include zip wires, mobiles, and metal helicopters and boats. Construction toy companies like MagnaTiles, Wedgets, and Zoob have created fantastic models and kits to create various three-dimensional crafts.

For parents interested in enhancing their child’s motor skills, handling capability, planning skills, or simply preferring their minds get creative in terms of building or constructing models, these toys might be exactly what are needed. Most of these are offered at local toy stores or can be found online in such places like Amazon or other e-retailers. With a bit of research, parents can find the best toy and model sets that fit their child’s age, capability, and desire.

Many toys can do many different things for different children. Toys that give children the opportunity to construct everything from spacecraft and dragons to castles and three-dimensional models are vital to their development. Studies from many universities around the world have repeated the importance of this type of dynamic play for children, and the planning, building, and basic engineering skills that are developed during the process are extremely beneficial for the young.

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