10 Tips to Get your DOG’S RESPECT

We have already touched on the topic of French Bulldog education several times on the blog . Whether it is the mistakes to avoid during learning or tips to correct aggressive behaviors and prevent your French bulldog from jumping on people, from the moment a French bulldog or any other breed of dog enters your house, you must make it see that you are the one Dog trainers Houston tx. leader, that is, you are the one in charge and, therefore, he must obey you.

If you think about it, dogs are animals that live in packs , and in every pack there is a leader who is followed by the rest of the group. Whether it is an adoption of a dog (adopting has many advantages , know them and prevent more dogs from suffering the consequences of abandonment) or a purchase (know the pros and cons and make sure before buying a French bulldog ), from the moment a dog comes into your house, you must make him see that you are the one in charge and that you have your pants on well and in their place. If your French bulldog understands this, you will have a loyal follower and you will avoid silly fights when he does not obey your commands.

Pay attention to your French bulldog’s actions and get ahead
If you stop to think for a moment and observe nature, no animal hits another with a newspaper, with sticks, with its own leash, nor does it yell at it if it has done something wrong. If you want to become the leader of the pack , you must be firm, energetic and somewhat cold, but you can never resort to violence, hysteria or excessive excitement. First of all, you have to understand that it is an animal, and you cannot humanize an animal. He doesn’t understand what you say or what you feel.

The way to correct certain behaviors cannot be aggressive or anxious, but firm and, above all, it must be done the moment your dog has done something wrong . Even if you think you have the smartest dog in the world and that he knows that he has done something wrong because he shrinks or lowers his head, that is not the case . He is simply afraid of your reaction or aggression and the only way for you to calm down is to put your tail between your legs and lower your head .

With hits and screams the only thing you are going to achieve is that your furry dog ​​becomes a fearful, aggressive and anxious dog. In nature the leader of the pack or alpha male is affectionate and benevolent, he is not at any time intimidating you, since he is confident in himself . Follow these tips and you will get your dog to respect and trust you.

Tips to become an alpha male or female

  1. Prevent your dog from sleeping in important areas
    Prevent your dog from sleeping in places that are valuable to you , such as the bed or the sofa. If he manages to sleep in the bed or the chair, he will look stronger and think that he is the leader and that he can do whatever he wants (piss or defecate in the house, eat anything, you know what we mean, right? ). If you allow him to be on doorsteps or in passage areas, every time you want to leave a room you will be asking for permission to pass, and that will also make him the alpha male.
  2. Mark a game routine with a beginning and an end
    Your dog is not going to start the game and he is not going to finish it, it is you who has to do it. Your dog, to be healthy and well cared for, needs games and exercise , but that does not mean that he sets a routine for you, since you are the one who must set it for him . During games , do not allow him to challenge you , that is, do not allow him to bark, bite or push you.
  3. Never respond to his demands for attention, ignore him
    Never respond to his demands for attention, simply ignore him (don’t look at him, talk to him, or touch him, not even to tell him to stop). Once he has stopped asking for attention, call him and give him all the cuddles and caresses.

Although it may sound a bit harsh, the dog accepts being relegated to last place , without further ado, when you show him that you are a good leader . In fact, it is easier for any dog ​​to live without the responsibility of leadership.

  1. You have to always occupy first position and never give it up
    Your French bulldog has to go through doors always behind you (the leader always goes through doors, hallways, stairs first). No matter how much he pulls on the leash, jumps, barks (this is a clear sign that he has the power) or whines to go outside, you cannot allow him to go out in first position , that is your position. If he interrupts your step, he walks shuffling his feet, bothering him and forcing him to get up.
  2. Do petting only when he is tame and calm
    When you get home (from work, for example) do not pet him unless he is tame and calm. If he jumps or climbs on you, it’s not because he’s happy to see us, but rather he’s trying to show who’s boss . Once he has calmed down, call him and greet him properly.
  3. Don’t let the dog eat before you or your family
    It’s easy, feed your dog when the family has finished and the table is cleared. In nature, the leader is the first to eat, and the rest of the group waits until he is satiated. Also, do not let him put his nose on the table or get close to food. In short, the dog always has to eat last, don’t go near his bowl until he has finished.
  4. Train your pet and teach him basic commands
    If you train or educate your French bulldog or any other breed of dog, even if they are basic commands, you will be showing him that he has to obey you. This, although it may seem like abuse, will help you control your animal and avoid possible mischief or bad behavior.
  5. Use exercise to make your dog respect you
    Exercise is essential in the life of your French bulldog. A dog with excess energy will be difficult to control and will not respect you. It is very important that you provide him with the necessary exercise so that he is calm and consumes the anxious and aggressive part of him.
  6. Set limits, rules and norms for your animal
    You must set limits, rules and norms to live together in your home. It is important that, just like when you live with another human being, there is a certain discipline in your house , so you can respect each other.
  7. You can’t give a dog more privileges than a human
    For the hierarchy you want to be effective, you cannot give your dog more privileges than another member of your household. As much as you love your French bulldog dearly, you must teach him that all our friends, neighbors and family are on a higher scale and that he must respect them. At this point it is advisable to make your dog sociable, both with people and with other animals.

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