Xuan Kong Feng Shui (Aka Flying Stars Wind Water)

This School of Xuan Kong Feng Shui system rests on the astronomical basis of the “flight patterns of dynamic stars” through the three yuans or eras of nine yuns or periods which holds seriously impactful consequences on the occupants who lived within a confined space walled by at least three sides and a roof over it. The most common interpretation of thiscriteria is the human residence or shop space that satisfies this prognosis.

Modern research are still being conducted into the extent of its potency and pervasiveness on the occupant’s well-being at a chosen “confined space” in one location over a correspondingly similar conditions in another location can result in a wide rift in terms of favourable versus unfavourable outcome or degree of luckiness benefiting or affecting the individuals living therein.

Though this is a deep and very profound knowledge of Feng Shui studies which most experienced Chinese Metaphysics practitioners and scholars alike accepted its pervasiveness but still the debate is endless on the “quantification of its potency” which ranges widely and also depend on which Feng Shui practitioners and their level of experience and skill-sets, are conducting and administrating the “commissioning of the flight patterns of the dynamic stars configuration”.

To truly appreciate the commissioning of the flight patterns of the different dynamic stars configuration, one has to delve very deeply into the many over-lapping levels of this stars configuration patterns before the desired auspiciousness can be evoked and brought to the desired outcome in terms of its pervasiveness and its potency level to benefit the individuals living therein.

The detractors of this school of Feng Shui said that the ancient classic texts contained contradictions including “errors” which appeared therein were mere poetic scripts which can be highly disputable. This raised the questions whether these “errors” are intentional or mere typographical in nature. This further adds to the equation of whether it is worth treating this ancient classic texts as valuable treasured piece of personal dairy of thoughts and natural observation collected therein. Those familiar with the ancient classic texts will agree that this is generally how ancient classic texts were propagated in the ancient past from generation down to another generation in its natural propaganda manner.

This Xuan Kong Feng Shui ( aka “Flying Stars Wind Water” ) is essentially an advanced field of techniques researched upon by our past Feng Shui pioneers on this system of prognosis. It was made publicly known by Jiang Da Hong, famous great guru grandmaster, end of Ming Dynasty.

Owing to Jiang Da Hong highly guarded privacy nature, Xuan Kong Feng Shui had subjected to much misunderstanding and misinformation resulting in many peers during his times who attempted to conduct investigation of his works with their own attempted personal interpretation and did not or unable to decipher the outcome as prognosticated by Jiang Da Hong. Thus, today, the detractors of this school of Feng Shui still hold similar misunderstanding and misinformation and rendered it as an unworthy branch of meta-science research subject unlike the proponents of this school of Xuan Kong Feng Shui Practitioners who are claiming successful endeavours and received accolades and respect from their paying clients and friends alike.

Despite misunderstand and misinformation, there is a tacit harmonious understanding amongst the different schools of “Wind Water” practitioners where the final acid-test is to find the “solutions” to address the clients’ issues, challenges and possibly meet their expectations within reasonable scope of satisfaction as it is still a meta-science and not considered as an exact science yet today. We will leave it to the future generations of “Wind Water” scholars and practitioners alike to bring this knowledge to the next level of development given the race of booming new technology made available today where hopefully will bring an increased prosperous future to more people and a better feng shui for all.

The word Feng Shui is synonymous to mean “Wind Water” which is a compound term that implies the interaction of the physical forms of land and buildings with beneficial and malevolent energies which can affect human well-being, fortunes and happiness, in short, prosperity.

“Wind Water” belongs to the genre of disciplines of ancient cultures for a beautiful and harmoniously abundant wholesome life. Even inanimate or non-biological objects, like rocks and winds, are deemed as containing energies, which when disturbed, could render “invisible harm” to human. However, when one knows how to tap into the useful nature of such energies, it can turn into favourable influence and bring beneficial outcome as intended.

People research on Feng Shui primarily is to gain the knowledge to enhance their livelihood. Thus, applying Feng Shui is indeed a time-tested skill venerated down the ages for its ability to enhance the well-being of people. It is a skill reverently applied not merely in ancient China as well as modern Asia but remarkably, Feng Shui is also a universal skill practised, still usefully applied, in many ancient chinese cultures, not to mention that the west would preferably called it “geomancy”instead.

The broad functions of Feng Shui can be classified into the following category:-

a) Constructive Applications = To Enhance Wealth, Health, or Create Certain Outcomes

b) Predictive Applications = To unveil the past, explain the present and predict the likely future outcome.

c) Corrective Applications = To remedy existing and potential problems.

Feng Shui is gradually becoming part and parcel of a successful business model in Asia as the awareness level has increased many folds due to the proliferation of internet networks and more open-mindedness in people accepting all things Chinese related by the western speaking audience and English-educated people in Asia.

Thus, it is not uncommon in many Asians society, especially Chinese Business men, would consult feng shui lillian too practitioners in order to find out whether a particular locations, like a house, shop, or piece of open land, would be auspicious for them. They may want to know whether a particular room, or a desk, or colour scheme or bed within the room, is favourably situated to enhance their personal prosperity. They also consult the Wind Water practitioners for an auspicious date and directions for marriages, major renovation, or put a nail on the wall and important occasions like auspicious grand opening of the new shop front, or moving into a new residence and many facets of life deemed important to them to get a head start.

Those who are more open-minded about Feng Shui would insist that they can see a number of Wind Water ideas are very pragmatic and common-sensical approach about harmonizing with the immediate environment. As an illustration, a Feng Shui notion that a house should not be located facing a junction make sense in today’s context. This is because such a house would be subjected to perpetual bombardment of on-coming noisy traffic, which would naturally be very disturbing and render distraction at night with the vehicles headlight beam shining onto the front of house. Such junction-facing house would lightly encounter accidents in their front compound over the course of time. It is only a question of when the accident would occur. Though this example is common sense, but not all Feng Shui notions subscribe to the “T” in terms of this common sense theory but rather border on mystical, but yet provide a sound metaphysical basis.

Finally, by no means exhaustive, though Feng Shu is NOT considered an exact science todaylargely in my view due to the existing limiting scientific conventions or definition of scientific classifications or scope of measurements and/or limited by our human view of the world currently has probably not reached the stage of full acceptance at this point in time where it can truly and fully analyse what Feng Shui and its forces are. Today the advances in science has allowed us to quantify what is nuclear, gravity and electro-magnetic energies and its associated influences which were unfathomable in the past.

When Feng Shui is officially recognized as an exact science, I hope it will be taught as a subject or elective in the institution of higher learning to allow the learners to appreciate how Feng Shui can impact their general well-being and their personal prosperity quotient level.