Three Famous JA Palm Tree Court Restaurants with Special Features

Do you love to fly? Well, it is good because flying around the world enables the tourists to see the beauty God has created. People in UAE usually love to spend their holidays and vacations in an entertaining style. The ja palm tree court is an outstanding venue for the local as well as international tourists in Dubai. We are going to share some valuable features of spending holidays at this court.

A modern style location:

As a matter of fact, this court has been decorated with thousands of palm trees making it a romantic spot. The palm tree court has gained significant attention because of the chains of restaurants for the tourists. It would be better to visit following restaurants to taste delicious meals.


This is a traditional restaurant covered by palm trees. This restaurant is attractive for the visitors because of its beachfront status. Yes, you will enjoy the tasty foods with a stunning view of the beach and fresh palm tree environment.


This restaurant is local but it is famous for its floating status. It offers specialized food items to the guests while floating. This restaurant is the main hub for delicious seafood. Variety of seafood is available here. Enjoy an excellent floating dining experience with your family at DiVAZ.

Ibn Majed Resturant:

Those who are interested to enjoy a Themed Buffet at breakfast should not forget the Ibn Majed Restaurant. This restaurant also offers Themed Dinner Buffets in a cool environment. This makes it an attractive venue for the honeymooners.