Microsoft announces Outlook and Skype full integration

A couple of days ago, we wrote about how to integrate your Skype and accounts in a few steps. Also, we explained that the closure of Windows Live Messenger service gave way to better technology: with the Skype features based in VoIP you can make phone calls, share files, make video calls and chat with all your contacts from Outlook. Although all these advantages seem impossible to improve, Microsoft announces Outlook and Skype full integration.

Last month Microsoft ended’s test period and launched its final version, starting the process of mandatory migration of Hotmail users to the new email service. All Hotmail users will start using the modern interface of Outlook. To familiarize users with Outlook, Microsoft has launched an advertising campaign to show the benefits of the new e-mail services, including advertising and demonstration videos. In the video posted on March 6, 2013, we can see an example of the integration of Outlook with Skype.

Along with the features that we already know as photo galleries, synchronization with other social networking accounts such as Facebook and Twitter or managing our contacts; you can see how Skype intregates seamless with the Outlook interface, allowing to make video calls and more with a simple click.

There is no precise information on when it will be released the full integration of these popular services, what is clear is that with this possibilities Outlook will step forward as far as communication services are concerned; making easier to connect you with your friends, family and even bussiness partners.