How to make personalized shirts at home

We know that you like crafts and, therefore, we want to show you how to make a totally brilliant gift . The activity is very simple and suitable for all audiences, is to customize a shirt with fabric paint. What do you think of the idea? We believe that it is one of the best gifts that can be made personalized t shirts for women. Keep reading and get down to work!

To start this craft we will need:

  • A basic shirt, preferably white.
  • Painting for fabric. We recommend the brand: La Pajarita . Since, it offers versatility both for the great diversity of colors it has, and for the way in which it can be applied.
  • Brushes to better apply the paint on the fabric. With them you will be able to draw in an easier and faster way.
  • Cardboard. We will need a piece of cardboard, which placed inside the shirt will help us to paint more accurately and avoid staining.
  • You can also buy this set of fabric paint from La Pajarita: it contains 5 cans of paint; a pencil; a brush; a sheet; and, of course, a shirt.

Do you already have all the tools? Wait, the most important thing is missing: the creativity of the children!

It is important to keep the shirt very well stretched and with the cardboard inside it. We recommend you do it on a smooth and covered surface – on a table or on the floor – to avoid dirtiness.

Next, we have two options-depending on each child. The first: the youngest can make their idea by tracing it with a pencil and reviewing it later, with the brush bathed in fabric paint. As a second option: the child can get directly into action.

If the children want to continue painting on the same drawing with different colors, it is advisable to wait for the shirt to dry. In this way, we avoid that the fabric paint does not mix losing its original tonality.

You can use objects such as cork stoppers or sponges to decorate the shirts in a fun way

When the shirt is 100% dry, we will remove the cardboard. To get rid of the excess paint on our shirt it is necessary to have a white sheet on hand, we will put it on top of it, and we will press carefully removing the excess paint. We will throw the stained sheet. Finally, we will pass an iron (without steam) through the back of the shirt -for two or three minutes-. All this process is recommended to be supervised by an adult.

we already have our super cool and personalized shirt ready. With this craft, children express in a creative way what they feel.