Golf gifts for a golfer

We still think that there is nothing better than giving golf to a golfer, that’s why our gift vouchers continue to seem (of course) the ideal gifts for golfers who have everything. The essentials are given, practice your favorite sport, the beneficiary can choose date and giving him an excuse for a weekend getaway. There are specific amounts (€ 60, € 120, etc) or type “hotel + golf weekend”.

For those who despite this, or as a complement, want to consider a gift “more classic” some very personal advice.

The amateur golf, as fishing or horse riding is not (although there are cases) a permanent obsessed, so it is clear that you can be a golfer and not want to go permanently wearing a hat that says “Tiger trembles.”

The technical material, bag and sticks … are quite personal issues and unusual replacements. You can have two paddle rackets but it is less common to alternate two bags of different clubs and many of them usually end up in the trash or more worthily on ebay or the Trocatlhon. Unless you specifically know a specific model at the request of the lucky one, avoid this section.

If the beneficiary of the gift is a true golf addict … he probably has boxes and boxes of balls in a storage room and use the tees (the stick where the ball rests at the start) as toothpicks for not knowing what to do next with them. Something similar happens with the pike-fixes … those U-shaped skewers, which not all amateurs seem to know what they are for, but of which there is usually a number equal to that of tournaments played. In spite of this, mysteriously, when we reach the green, we usually do not have any and the arrangement is improvised with a tee (the stick from before), a key, or worse, we pretend we have not seen it so as not to fix it and allow the next game mention us kindly.

Something similar happens with the poles, although it is certainly not uncommon to receive a golf club without a huge logo that covers the chest or sleeve, so in this case we can “have matter”. I would focus especially on the fabric, because some new technical materials are ideal for golf. There will be those who do not agree with me, but maybe it does not even need to look like a pole.

The shoes, well, there will be opinions in this aspect, but keep in mind that you could end up being remembered “for life” by the beneficiary after playing 18 holes on foot (calculate about +5 kms walking) for the chafing produced if they do not fit like a glove.

So, making an effort not to be so negative (is that deep down we still think that one of our golf gifts bonuses is ideal) we would suggest focusing the search on:


  1. – Breathable technical clothing or light warm clothes (you have to carry it in the bag if the sun rises). There are players who do not wear well the arms are very covered, so the sleeveless vests can be ideal. It does not have to be specific to golf or to say “golf” … our sweat tends to be the same as that of tennis players or athletes.


  1. – Specific electronic equipment, provided it is clear that the beneficiary does not already have one. The distance meters by laser have lowered their prices a lot and some cameras with high-speed shutters that allow recording the swing (in fact it can be done with any camera) can be interesting although we already talked about a few hundred euros.


  1. – Covers for the clubs. In particular the woods are covered (there may be a driver and 3 and / or 5 woods in any bag), some hybrids or the putter. Those of universal size usually only serve for the first cases, but please, avoid the strident forms unless it is clear that your friend or relative will not pass embarrassment before your friend when you arrive at the club. If you hit with the motive, it is possible that it is one of the best gifts in relation quality-price for an amateur.


  1. – Books. Oddly enough, reading books is not so common, especially because magazines usually bring 30% of their pages every month with tips that we all try to remember, although in reality we never do. Seen that way, maybe a subscription to the magazine is a good option.