buy instagram followers

We live in a time when Instagram is an important factor in influencing. People with influence have many followers and likes. Conversely, companies and people with a high number of followers seem more trustworthy and more influential. Someone with 50 or 100 followers compared to someone who has 1000 followers has much less influence and will also attract less active buy instagram followers.

If you start to buy fake followers you can counteract the whole thing and improve the image of your own brand, but this is not recommended because false followers can be conspicuous.

Therefore, you can only buy high-quality followers on our site who stay, do not attract attention in the profile and therefore do not get suspicious. In addition, we’re currently working on developing subscription models that will gradually add followers and likes to your Insta profile. This will incessantly increase the number of followers and you will continue to benefit from volume discounts. You can pay immediately with PayPay or via PayPal with credit card.

As you may have noticed, the buy real instagram followers feed is no longer sorted chronologically, the posts are no longer in the order in which they were posted. What is shown to others and what does not depends only on your popularity. In the past, good content was enough, because when others saw your posts, they followed you and left you likes and comments.

However, a lot has changed: The algorithm now mainly shows the followers content from people who get a lot of interaction in the form of followers, likes and comments. To find organic growth under such conditions is difficult.