Best Protein Shakes Nutrient for Bodybuilding

Protein is the most important nutrient for bodybuilding. They are the ones who ensure the functioning of all the functions of the organism. For bodybuilding practitioners, they will allow you to repair damaged muscle tissue during training.

This repair mechanism will allow you to have bigger muscles, provided, of course, to follow a suitable training, to have a healthy diet and a sufficient recovery.

On the basis of hundreds of published studies on Best Protein Shakes, the International Society of Sports Nutrition published in June 2017, of which, here is a summary:

– Intensive weight training, combined with protein consumption, stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins.

– To gain muscle or maintain muscle mass through a positive balance of muscle protein, the total protein intake of between 1.4 and 2.0 g of protein per pound of body weight is sufficient for most practitioners.

– Higher protein intakes (2.3 to 3.1 g) may be required to maximize muscle mass retention in athletes during a low-calorie diet.

– Recent studies show that increasing protein intake (> 3.0 g) can have positive effects on body composition in the experienced practitioners (bodybuilders) who wish to promote fat loss.

– The recommendations for optimum protein intake per serving for athletes who want to maximize their muscle protein synthesis are variable and depend on age and intensity of training.

– These Best Protein Shakes intakes should ideally be evenly distributed every 3 to 4 hours throughout the day.

Although it is possible for seasoned athletes to obtain their daily protein requirements through the consumption of whole foods, supplementation is a convenient way of ensuring sufficient quality and quantity of protein, while minimizing the need for protein, caloric intake, especially for athletes who typically have high training volume.