6 tips to sell your house faster

Are you still waiting for a buyer? Do not let that house you want to sell continue to get used up. I tell you how to make it more attractive austin house buyers.

If you have sold or are in the process of selling a house, you may have realized that it can be a long, tedious and frustrating process. The perfect buyer seems not to arrive, while the property gets dusty with each passing day. The most immediate solution is to hire a real estate agency, although this implies the payment of fees.

If you decide to do it on your own, there are a series of actions that will help you make your home more attractive to potential buyers. According to statistical records of the National Housing Commission (Conavi), the acquisition of used homes has been increasing in recent years, from 138,000 units in 2010 to 177,000 in 2013, so we are in a very good time to sell a house. With the following points in mind and a little work, you can sell your house faster.


  1. Remember that love is born out of sight

Go outside and look at the facade of your house as if you were seeing it for the first time. Would you buy it? If your answer is no, you should start asking yourself what would make her look better. Maybe the paint is worn or its finishes have fallen apart. These details can make all the difference in attracting the attention of buyers.

The interior must also look impeccable. Keep all traces that speak of you on the property as photographs, personal items or old furniture. Although they are things that are going to go with you, they can hinder the perception of the potential buyer who visits your property. More than an exercise of detachment, it is something that will allow those who visit the house to imagine themselves immediately living in that place.


  1. Repair the decomposed

The repairs are an investment that will help you to streamline the process, as well as to avoid haggling when the time of negotiation comes. It’s not about rebuilding the house from scratch, but a few substantial repairs can make all the difference. It also avoids, as far as possible, making temporary repairs, because if the buyer discovers them, it may generate distrust.


  1. Put a suitable price

The price of the house is determined by particular circumstances such as proximity to the center of the city, urban infrastructure, services or if you are in a consolidated colony. Property tax assessments can give you an idea, although they do not necessarily conform to reality and may mean a lower price than you could get. You can hire an appraiser or a company to carry out the process.


  1. Register your house

Only when you register your home, the buyer can ensure that the data and the construction of your interest comply with the rules and forms necessary for the acquisition process. In addition, when making this process, the buyer can use a loan to buy your house, which will have more chances of selling it.

How to register a house for sale? You must complete a procedure before the Single Housing Registry (RUV). You can enter your portal and follow the steps indicated there. Once the process is completed, it acquires a Unique Housing Code, which makes it easier for credit providers to expedite the verification process of the home that is of interest to the loan applicant.

Remember that if you hide or omit something, at some point the interested party will know, so you may start to distrust you. So, if there is any debt or pending, solve it before starting this process.


  1. Prepare to show it

Practice a great presentation for all potential buyers, in which you demonstrate the advantages of having that property. Look for the strengths of your home, perhaps related to the layout of the spaces, the location in the city, the services and amenities that are nearby, to name a few.

As the owner of the house, give yourself the task of thinking about what advantages you found to the property, and use them as a starting point.


  1. Use various means to announce it

A “For Sale” sign will probably not be enough to get the attention of buyers. Consider using specialized internet portals to announce your sale.

In your ad you must include a description of the features, spaces, number of bathrooms, location and everything that stands out to make your offer more attractive. Use keywords such as cozy, spacious, centric, etc.

Remember to include photographs of good resolution that show the main spaces, which should appear as clean as possible. Before uploading, check that the space is presentable.

The first image must be of the exterior facade; later it shows interiors like living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and spaces like gardens, views, balconies or even nearby parks. Take your time to do it in the best possible way.