5 tips to improve your sexual performance

The sex is a very important aspect for men and women. However, the social burden that exists on men for the “belief” that they are responsible for giving pleasure, can affect them by generating anxiety in their encounters and cause situations such as ejaculating earlier than expected, or not achieving a good erection , revealed Adriana López , sexual and couple therapist Extenze Reviews.

Lopez Garcia clarifies that men and women should take control of their own pleasure and express what they like or not in privacy and achieve agreements that allow them to maintain a full and satisfactory sexual life. Therefore, the sexologist gives you 5 tips to improve your performance in privacy:


  1. Eat less fat. The diseases can affect your sexual performance, especially those that are related to the cardiovascular system. Avoid excess fats and exercise at least 30 minutes a day that will help you stay in shape.
  2. More romance. In many occasions your partner does relate sex with love, so why not include in your proposals to tell him what you feel for him or her?
  1. Say yes to the caresses. With their exceptions, women need more foreplay to be ready for an erotic encounter, so they can have fun trying to figure out which caresses they like the most.
  1. More control, more time . There are men who are not satisfied with the time it takes to ejaculate , nowadays sex therapy and the emergence of medications that help to have more control over the ejaculatory reflex can help you. Consult your doctor.
  1. More imagination. Fantase is part of the erotic life, talk to your partner and invent games, emulate situations, or simply have fun with meetings in places other than the bedroom.